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It's good. Similar to your other tracks, but good work! :) I really liked the smooth beginning. Still resonates well in my ears ^^

Good. Not exceptionally better than any of your other stuff, but as always, good work man :)

Doesn't get powerful enough for me. The overall tune is fantastic, but a bit more rise would've really helped. 0:55 made the song progress well, but it seemed to stop after that. Still amazing though xD

Phyrnna responds:

Thanks for the review~! I'm very glad that you liked it!
I didn't at all intend for it to actually build any power at all. Thanks for the input though!

;( I'm crying, the melody is so soft. Amazing though, 5 stars no doubt.

This song is literally the best one I have ever heard. At 2:45, goosebumps rippled across my spine at the second rise in the song, and that is the first time any song has given me goosebumps. Not even the second drop in the song Jawbreaker (by Rukkus/NK) has done that to me. Frankly, I never thought anything could be better than Paracosm until you hinted it in the screenshot of this song. This is the most earth-splitting, jaw-breaking, dragon-slaying (cuz orchestral) adventure anyone has ever taken my ears on, and I sincerely thank you for that.

Anyone else agree with me that Xtrullor and Rukkus are the two best dubstep gods of NewGrounds? Seriously, a collab between you two would rip this planet apart.

Xtrullor responds:


brb, gonna do something.

May I monetize my YouTube videos that include your music? (Don't worry, I'll fully credit you with links to NG and your YT channel)

Xtrullor responds:

Of course, go ahead!

This is one of your best songs yet. That's awesome dude, most artists reach a peak and then go downhill from there... but not you.

Rukkus responds:

Thanks a lot for positive feedback man. I always put a lot of effort into one-upping myself and making vast improvements from one track to the next. Progress is key my friend!

A mix of you and F-777 would be the greatest musician who ever lived

I like the ominous voices at the start. It's like they bring on the cataclysm.


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