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Mate those violins at the beginning made my ears orgasm, what did you do to get that sound?
More orchestra than dubstep on this one, but still not a boring orchestra song; in fact they were perfectly synced.
Love it, thought I already left a comment about those goddamn magical violins but I don't see it anymore.
Anyway, awesome job.
Those violins gave you the 5* mate.
Those damn violins.

Gotta say, much better than most of your tracks. I like it.

You spent way too long on this for a good reason. I've been waiting for a truly new kind of melody from you, a song that's really unique, and here it is. Well done, 4.5/5. I really liked the beginning.

Mate please. All of your songs lately have had really happy themes, which start to bother me. They're all repetitive and dumb IMO. It's nice to see a new hard, angry, badass song like your old one Ricochet Love for a change. Good shit, especially the beginning.

Mate teach me the ways :0

Yay a new song already haha :) ❤ My only problem with trance songs is that they're too repetitive. Good stuff still though

balderdact responds:

Its okay lolol glad you still liked it though :D

Amazing. What is that instrument that plays the entire time throughout the song? Like the high pitched bell-sort of thing? Because it sounds fantastic and unique. Take the 5 stars :D

ChronoNomad responds:

Thanks a bunch for the quick review, Zechla! That would be the Bellarina from the Sytrus library. I can't say I've heard anything else that uses it elsewhere in my audio meanderings, though I'm sure someone has. I'm glad that this remix has such a distinctive sound! ^__^

What kind of a songname is that? lol

Euphy responds:

Random name! :D
Ty for the review!

This instrument you use here (also I really heard emphasis on it with Bass Knight) is just absolutely awesome dude. What is it tho? :D Amazing song. Also what do you use to produce music? Keep up your awesome unique style dude 8)

BoomKitty responds:

I use FL Studio and most of the synths are Sylenth1. Thanks!

Yesyesyes new masterpiece <3 keep it up :D

balderdact responds:

Yayy :DD
Yup not planning on stopping anytime soon xD


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